UBIA Lab | UBiquitous IntermediaA Lab

We are the creative design group who are based on the everyday art and technology. We research the convergence of art using computer vision based on the technology, generating interaction between sensors and interface. We propose futuristic multimedia education contents, media design and public art. We research art, design and technology constantly to produce interactive contents anywhere and anytime for better life!


전지윤 | Yoon Chun

Assistant Professor,
KGIT(Korean German Institute of Technology)
Department of New Media
UBIA Lab is the studio for art, design, and technology across all media platforms for visual communication under the supervision of Prof. Chun.

Design Concept
Editorial Design
Product Design
Web, Mobile Content Design
Motion Graphics
Public Media Design
Design and Applied Arts
ART Technology (Digital Imaging, AR)
Interactive Media Art
Mobile Art
Sound Art